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Security first.

Information Security is the primary focus of Tempico Labs with years of experience in 8 security-sensitive industries. Using our comprehensive testing methodology you will ensure that vulnerability discovery is set to the highest standards.

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e.g. advisory, project management, meetings
Hosts connected to the Public Internet directly
e.g. load balancers, remote access or other services
Hosts behind firewall or NAT
e.g. directory, DBMS, event streaming, web app or other services
Count of functional components (e.g. CMS, back office, customer area, API)
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Reliable housing for your apps.​

Our managed Public Cloud with per-minute billing provides a cost-effective Pay As You Grow solution to run your applications securely guaranteed by our 99.99% SLA.

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Specify your total resource needs

Guaranteed CPU (GHz) is linked to RAM as 1:2
GPU pool is subject to availability
Data is backed up daily for 4 weeks
Data is backed up daily for 4 weeks
First 1TB is free of charge
Fetching STDOUT/STDERR logs from service
e.g. migration assistance needs
e.g. professional services
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Psst! Do you speak JSON?

Our Public API provides access to tens of terabytes of security intelligence data as well as your existing Public Cloud workloads.

Get security insights for free forever up to 1000 requests per day. Pay only if you need more.

Or test on a hash, your IP

A perfect pattern on the back.​

In-house artists will handle all your design needs: from creating professional merchandise and branding, to engineering awesome User Experience flows for your desktop and mobile apps.

Branding dream made real for €65 per hour

Software development, as it should be.

Our passionate Software Engineers deploy their skills and experience into creating secure, scalable and geo-distributed applications which are resilient and fault-tolerant ensuring the continuity for your enterprise workloads. The homogeneity between our Security and Development teams allows our software to enter production workloads securely, greatly reducing the spectrum of possible vulnerabilities.

15.7x better code quality* for €65 per hour

* compared to traditional software development agencies

Why Tempico Labs?

Evidence-based approach

Detail-based analysis and evidence conveniently provided in our audit reports.


One data breach is all you need to ruin your business reputation. We understand it.


Strong lawyered up NDA agreements, supplier management and data handling procedures greatly reduce a chance of data leak.

Industry-specific experience

Financial Services, Legal, iGaming, Manufacturing, Energy, Wholesale, E-commerce and Local Government.

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Information Security is one of the biggest challenges organisations face today. We’ve made Customer Portal to ensure smooth and secure access to services, vital data and our new products regardless of scale of your company.

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